What is DeltaSoft?

"What gets measured, gets improved" Peter Drucker. American Management Thinker. This 5 worded quote is considered by many as the essence of management and the way to improvement.
DeltaSoft are softwares developed by DeltaEta, which helps Enterprises measure their Monthly Performance, Progress and Efforts, guiding them to Improvement and Success.
EPPS helps measure monthly Profits, the key KPI, easily, frequently, in real time, at any time, by the entrepreneur himself to know the progress and make plans to correct the course if needed. Established enterprises in the Manufacturing, Trading and Service sector can measure their monthly Profits. Also New Enterprises and Startups in the drawing board stage can know their break-even and project viability using the Startup sector.
Efforts to reduce costs, improve outputs are quantified and measured using DeltaSoft's softwares which leads to improved performance and competitiveness of the enterprise apart from increased bottom-line. COS, SNAP, VSP are some of the other softwares.
Also Managing Change is more difficult when the recordings are manual. DeltaSoft's MCD (Manage Change Digitally) software records the changes digitally and holding it in cloud to help you retrieve and review easily. This gives the entrepreneur time and ease to implement the changes and achieve greater success.
Thus DeltaSoft is your friend in Change. It can be subscribed monthly at affordable fees of Rs 200/month or lesser.
Happy Entrepreneurship!

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturers, Builders & Developers, Autombiles & Spares, Dies, Moulds & Tools, Agri products, Furniture, Medicines, Restaurants, Rubber products, Footwears, Textiles, Aqua farms, Fabrication units.....

Trading Sector

Wholesaler, Distributor, Retailer, Showroom, Franchisee, Pharmacy, Bakery, Ready mades, Mobile shops, Margin free shops , Vegetable shops, Handicrafts, Electrical goods, White goods, Kiosks, Department stores.....

Service Sector

Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Convention centres, Theatres, Coaching centres, Tuition centres, Transportation service, Automobile Service centre, Beauty Parlour, Parcel service, Advertising firm, Rental service, Schools & Colleges.....

Start Ups

All new ventures in Restaurants, Software firms, Agriculture products, Clinics, Wellness Centers, Delivery points. Can input costs, expected price level and expected volume, to calculate the Breakeven sales, and expected profits using EPPS......

EPPS updates you on the following

  • Profits as on date.
  • Estimate expected Turnover and Profits for the month.
  • Know the value & number of days from reaching breakeven, if not already reached.
  • Analyse the Fixed and Variable Costs to help you focus on reduction.
  • Know the turnover to achieve to get desired Profits.
  • Rank your product as per contribution.
  • By using PLANNER, help you to change the variables and see the Resultant Profits.